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Adult Guardianship

Affordable Guardianship application service, for your 18+ Adult Child or incapable loved one.

Commissioner & Notary Public

In person or virtual, commissioning & notarizing of your documents.


Private/Voluntary mediation; Elder mediation for family members and caregivers; Employment mediation between co-workers or the employer and employee.

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Welcome to TBH Legal

TBH.... To Be Honest

The name says it all. When you retain TBH legal, you can be assured that the Paralegal Rules of Conduct and Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines are followed and taken very seriously.

According to the Paralegal Rules of Conduct, a paralegal shall be honest and candid when advising clients (Rule 3.02(2)). Specifically, according to Guideline 7,

1. A paralegal has a duty of candour with the client on matters relevant to the retainer. A paralegal is required to inform the client of information known to the paralegal that may affect the interests of the client in the matter.

2. A paralegal must honestly and candidly advise the client regarding the law and the client’s options, possible outcomes and risks of his or her matter, so that the client is able to make informed decisions and give the paralegal appropriate instructions regarding the case. Fulfillment of this professional responsibility may require a difficult but necessary conversation with a client and/or delivery of bad news. It can be helpful for advice that is not well-received by the client to be given or con-firmed by the paralegal in writing.

Being honest and candid means that you must be truthful and forthright in advising your client about all matters, including options that may shorten the duration of a legal action or lower its cost, even if it might mean less profit for you in the long run. It is important that clients have a clear under-standing of all possible outcomes.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act – (PIPEDA)

TBH Legal collects, uses, discloses, retains, and disposes of your personal information in compliance with federal and provincial privacy legislation and applicable Law Society of Ontario regulations.  Any person in contact with your personal information will have signed a confidentiality form and will have been trained in the appropriate use and protection of your information. 

Your information may be used for the following reasons:

  • To perform the required conflict checks prior to opening a new file
  • In securing a retainer
  • To conduct a credit check
  • upon the request of a government institution with the requisite lawful authority to enforce or administer a law of Canada or of a province
  • as required by law
  • in the course of preparing for the litigation
  • in the drafting and delivery of a pleading
  • in the drafting and delivery of communications with the other involved party(ies)
  • to advise you of new services being offered

PIPEDA provides that, upon written request, an individual shall be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of his or her personal information and shall be given access to that information. Individuals may also challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate.

PIPEDA requires organizations to respond to access requests within 30 days at minimal or no cost.

TBH legal pledges to follow the Paralegal’s Rules of Conduct when it comes to being confidential with your information.

The paralegal’s duty of confidentiality is set out in the Paralegal Rules of Conduct- Rule 3.03:

  • A paralegal shall, at all times, hold in strict confidence all information concerning the business and affairs of a client acquired in the course of their professional relationship and shall not disclose any such information unless: (a) expressly or impliedly authorized by the client; (b) required by law or by order of a tribunal of competent jurisdiction to do so; (c) required to provide the information to the Law Society; or (d) otherwise permitted by this rule.

  • The duty of confidentiality commences at the very outset of the paralegal – client
    relationship, even prior to a retainer, and continues indefinitely after the paralegal has ceased acting for the client.

*This means it applies to all stages of the legal action, including ADR (ie: Mediation), and even applies to prospective clients, whether or not a paralegal – client relationship is even entered into. In addition, it applies to all information acquired during the paralegal – client relationship, whether or not the information is relevant to the matter for which the paralegal is retained.

NOTE: Visiting this website does not create a paralegal-client relationship. No duty of confidentiality is owed to you as a result of you having only visited this website.

Practice Areas

Adult Guardianship

For your adult child
Affordable Guardianship application process, so you can continue to parent with peace of mind. This service is offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Adult Guardianship

For your incapable adult
Affordable Guardianship application process for incapable adults without a valid Power of Attorney. This service is offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Employment Law

Were you wrongfully terminated? Are you being harassed in the workplace? Is your employer breaking the law? Your obligations as an employee and employer... what you need to know.

Small Claims Court

Do you want to sue? or Are you being sued? Let us take you through the Small Claims Court process.

Contract Law

There are certain things the courts look for to make a contract valid and things that make a contract invalid. Has your contract been breached?

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

When you have been discriminated against, we will file a complaint and will find a solution.

Demand Letters

When you have tried to be nice, but have gotten no results. A well written letter from a licensed legal professional can go a long way.

Eviction Letters for Rooming Houses

An official notice letter on your behalf, to be used as a “Notice to Move Out / Terminate the Tenancy” notification is the best way a Rooming House landlord can legally evict a boarder. This service is offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Commissioner and Notary Public

In-person and Virtual, Commissioning and Notarizing of your documents. Virtual commissioning and virtual notarizing services by TBH legal are offered ONTARIO-wide.

Private Mediation

Private and Voluntary "OPT-IN" Mediation for those who wish to settle their dispute and salvage their relationship. Virtual mediation services offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Elder Mediation

When family members come together to make a plan for the caregiving of their elderly loved ones. Virtual mediation services offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Employment Mediation

When a place of employment becomes a toxic environment, we can find a way to make it work. Virtual mediation services offered by TBH legal ONTARIO-wide.

Meet Rachel Merucci

“I want to help, because I know how it feels to be in your shoes.”

The services offered by TBH legal are specifically chosen, and 100% inspired by facets of my life where I have been on my own, figuring out how to make things work. My experiences may not be exactly the same as yours, but I can guarantee that in whatever area you reach out to me for, I have either been there personally or have been holding someone’s hand.

I have been wronged, I have been given the run-around, I have pieced together resources and have advocated for my family, friends, and for myself when no one would help or even listen because I couldn’t afford to pay big retainers.

My personal and professional experiences, and my passion for doing what is right, will be to your advantage.

I am so excited to work with you! Thank you for choosing TBH legal!

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Happy Victoria Day from TBH legal ~ Enjoy this beautiful day! ... See MoreSee Less
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